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My Toyota Tundra Experience -

New 2014 Tundra

I recently bought a 2014 Toyota Tundra to replace my 2001 Toyota Tundra. I had been impressed with overall quality of the 2001 Tundra until of recent when Toyota decided that they should replace the frame, yes I said FRAME, due to rust issues. I'm starting to wonder if should have thought more about a 'Big 3' manufactered truck.

Rust Continues to Plague Toyota's

Many know some of the early Toyota trucks for massive body rust but the overall dependability made up for it. I guess they have moved the rust issues away from the externally viewable body parts and cut corners underneath. We've now discovered that they really should have replaced many other extremely rusted parts along with the frame. I didn't know the rust issue was quite as bad as it was prior to buying the new Tundra, I sold the 2001 to my brother and unfortunatley he is disccovering more rust issues.

Issues of New

I am somewhat displeased with Toyota in relation to my 2014 Tundra. The manual is lacking and written for idiot's and they have done a fair amount of sales disception as I am now discovering. I can also say that I was not very impressed with the local dealer, I won't mention any names, but they are on the Sunnyside of Louisville, KY. Interesting that Toyota has made dealerships build fancy new buildings but don't seem to control the customer interface.

More Details

After getting nowhere with the dealer or Toyota in attempting to get some clarification from the poorly written manual on vehicle operation as well as learning of more rust issues with the 2001 Tundra I've decided to make things a little more known to the public and have started the website.

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